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Design and Development of Information Technologies

It’s nice to know that you can find a wide range of reliable technology services all in one place : That you, apart from your site, can prepare a video presentation of your company, a spot for the radio or design a promotional leaflet.

The broad knowledge we have in website creation software, video and audio editing and PDF files design (for brochure printing or not) ensures you that you can find all the services you need from a provider.

In the field of web sites, we can undertake widespread needs from a static site (which would provide you much reduced maintenance costs) up to complex e shop websites with paypal, credit card payments and integration into

  • My cooperation with Dimitris was done through a common friend of ours. He suggested him as a correct and responsible professional. He responded quickly, tried to understand what I wanted to make me the best proposal at the best price.
    Until now we collaborate seamlessly, his interest for the best result remains steady and honest. His consistency gave me the opportunity to wholeheartedly recommend him to three of my contacts.

    Γιάννης Γρατσίας
    Giannis Gratsias
    Auto parts dealer
  • With Dimitris we coordinated from the first day that we were found together. Flexibility, quick response to requests, convenient communication and kindness make our cooperation a constant value for me.

    Manolis Giamniadakis
    Promotion Consultant - Sales
  • Cooperation with Dimitris is an example of consistency, ethos and professionalism. He is directing us driven by our own benefits and he is standing next to whatever we need with Buddhist patience. He could not be better. And at low prices!

    Maria Dimitrakaki
    "Porefthentes" Association Secretary
  • Through a friendly and simultaneously highly professional approach and colleagues helped me to create “my site in the internet.” I thank them warmly.

    Αθηνά Καπράλου
    Athena Kapralou
    General Surgeon

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a domain and with which criteria should I choose it?


It is the name one types to visit a website. Eg the domain of the site you see is the

A good domain name must be short, memorable, refer to the site content and be obvious to everyone how to spell it.

What is the difference between a web page and a web site?


You are currently viewing a web page. If you click on “Contact Us” another Web page will open where you will learn how you can contact us. However both these web pages belong to the same site (web site): the

Site i.e. is a set of web pages.

What is a static website?

στατικός ιστότοπος

It is a site where the visitor can see its contents without any interaction happening. The static site does not need a database in order to function.

Static sites can be equally impressive and have lower maintenance costs. But it is harder to manage / renew their contents.

What is a dynamic website?

δυναμικός ιστότοπος

It is a site that has the potential of interactivity with the visitor. For example, a forum or a website allows visitors to comment on texts posted.

Technically, the dynamic website works with a database, unlike a static website.

What is a hybrid website?

flashIt is a website based on HTML language which includes Flash files. Be aware, however, that mobile devices currently do not support flash files.

Which technology should i choose?

τεχνολογία ιστοτόπων

This depends on your needs. If you do not need a certain technology, there is no reason to use it.

For example, if you frequently update your site with new content and you want to have interaction with visitors, you need a dynamic website. If not, you may be interested in a static website to lower your maintenance costs.

Please contact us and we will explain that to you in more detail.

What is web hosting?

webhostingIf the site name is the equivalent of postal address, hosting is the “home” itself where you live. It is the storage space on a server to which your material is placed and which is shared online.

What does the maintenance of a website include?

The maintenance of dynamic websites that we offer includes:
cloud hosting

  • Web Hosting
  • Software Upgrades
  • Security backups storage to an independent server
  • Monitoring against attacks from hackers and the guarantee for restoration in case of an attack.

If you are only interested in web hosting and not the other services, you can contact a hosting provider like and we can set up your site there. This is because we only offer hosting on our own server as part of the complete package of upgrades and security. The cost is calculated here.

Static websites do not need a software upgrade, shutdown backup and monitor against attacks.

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